Apr 17 2012

GBBO Refugees Offer

Many small-business owners have seen the “free offers” of Get British Business Online, and whilst the general idea of business having a domain and webiste, they all soon find that the service is much poorer quality than expected (although for free what would you expect ?)

Websites that dont work, performance/loading issues, and other problems – and a website builder that churns out terrible sites that no-one will visit.

Due to the number of people wanting to move away to OthelloHosts.net “proper” business hosting service (with optional site-builder) we’re offering 50% off to all GBBO Refugee’s

Here are the simple migration steps…

  1. order your professional business hosting package at https://my.othellotech.net/cart.php?gid=2.
    Take the “I will transfer my domain” option
    Don’t pay the Invoice at the end of the checkout process.
  2. Go to http://gbbo.myportalexpress.com
  3. Click the ‘forgot password’ link and follow the on-screen prompts
  4. Wait for the email to arrive with your username and password
  5. Login with these details at http://gbbo.myportalexpress.com
  6. Near the centre of the page is a link to transfer your domain away,
    click the link.
  7. Contact us to check the transfer process has been correctly started, and
    to claim your 50% discount.

Current contact number for GBBO is 01954 832751

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