Mar 16 2016

CENTR Report on ICANN55 Meeting Published


The Council of European National Top-Level-Domain Registries (CENTR) has published their summary of last weeks ICANN-55 Meeting …

TL:DR; Highlights

  • Volunteer shortage / fatigue is a very real problem for the multi-stakeholder model
  • ccNSO charter to be revised and updated
  • GAC as usual had a lot to say, thinking their opinion is more important than everyone elses
  • ccNSO approves the Final proposal from the Accountability CCWG almost unanimously

    You can read their SWOT analysis here


It’s a good summary of the proceedings from the meeting (despite some grammer/english issues confusing a few points) and well worth a detailed read for anyone interested in Domains, DNS, WHOIS, and ICANN/IANA

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