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Rob Golding Internet Entrepreneur Member of multipe ICANN Working Groups - fighting for domain registrants rights Expert Witness on IT for UK Courts

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Sep 19

Aye Aye Me Hearties – Free Doubloons and Arrrf-Price at

Shiver me timbers it’s 19/September again time for all Gentlemen o’ Fortune to claim some Booty So Belay that hosting order Ye Landlubbers and Smartly turn Ye Furner to Astutium have 8 pieces of gold (yes, real 24k gold 1/10 gram bars) to giveaway, and 50% off all new orders on 19/Sept/2013 To get …

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Sep 10

New TLD now available for registrations at

Great news ! Astutium Ltd are now an accredited registrar for the new subdomains The latest CentralNIC TLD is now available for registration at the Astutium Domain Registration website Unlike most African ccTLDs, is open to all registrants – providing opportunity to target global citizens wishing to connect with Africa as well …

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Aug 20

FAQoTW: HELP! My WordPress Web Site has been Hacked AGAIN

A distraught wordpress hosting client contacted us this week because recently they’d been told their website was no longer working – instead, visitors to the site saw an image extolling some activist group support by a hacker. The client (prior contacting us) simply deleted the hacked post, and had spent a further 2 days working on their site, when …

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Aug 11

Swedish Registry (dotSE) takes over running .nu (dotNU) ccTLD

At the end of August 2013 the Swedish Registry IIS.SE will take over the running of the registry services for .nu from WorldNames. All currently registered .nu domain names will be managed by IIS who already operate the registry for .se New domain registrations, transfers, renewals and updates for .NU will continue to be available …

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Jun 27

What are BitCoins and Why Should I Care ?

Astutium Ltd were the first ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar to accept the Digital Cryto-Currency “BitCoins” (accepted since Dec 2012 – simply select Bitcoin/BitPay as the payment gateway at the end of the checkout process). We’re proud to take bitcoins in exchange for domains, hosting, virtual/dedicated servers, minecraft gaming servers and colocation – the internet is …

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May 23

ICANN De-Accredits Dotted Ventures (IANA#833)

ICANN the managing authority for all gTLDs has removed the accreditation from Dotted Ventures Inc. (Dotted Ventures) [ ] (accredited since 7 December 2009). The termination is due to Dotted Ventures’s failure to timely cure the policy breaches by 14 May 2013 as set forth in ICANN’s various notice of breach pursuant to Section 3.9 of …

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May 02

ICANN De-Accredits Power Brand Center

ICANN the managing authority for all gTLDs has removed the accreditation from Power Brand Center Corp. t/a Power Brand Center LLC [ ] (accredited since 27 April 2011). The termination is due to Power Brand’s failure to timely cure the policy breaches by 28 Feb 2013 as set forth in ICANN’s various notice of breach pursuant …

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Apr 17

ICANN De-Accredits

ICANN the managing authority for all gTLDs has removed the accreditation from Central Registrar, Inc. DBA (accredited since 4 October 2010). The termination is due to Domainmonger’s failure to timely cure the policy breaches by 1 February 2013 as set forth in ICANN’s notice of breach of RAA dated 11 January 2013. As of …

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Apr 15

Temporary suspension of .TC, .GD and .VG from registration and update

Due to continuing uncertainties regarding the administration and delegation of the ccTLDs: .TC .GD .VG we are temporarily unable to allow any modifications, registrations, transfers or renewals of domains of these ccTLDs. Currently, the resolution of existing registered domain names is not affected. We are awaiting the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) decision over the …

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Apr 01

Why You Should Still Optimise Your Images for the Web

As a long established provider of UK Reseller Hosting we deal with lots of web designers. One thing that never fails to amaze us is the number of them who pay absolutely no attention to image optimisation – one of the core fundamentals of good website design.

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