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May 21

DataCentre Annoyances – No Unpacking Facilities

We spend a *lot* of time in datacentres – both our own for obvious reasons, and our other Points-of-Presence (PoPs) plus looking after 3rd-party installations at various other UK locations. Almost all the internet connectivity in the UK runs through Docklands – so all the better connected DC’s are here in E14 – and this …

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Sep 30

Astutium Ltd Acquires Chorver Internet Technologies Ltd

Astutium Ltd ( ), an established leader in UK managed server colocation and dedicated server rental for over a decade, announced today the completed acquisition and integration of Chorver Internet Technologies Ltd – a host specialising in providing dedicated server hosting and rackspace for UK business. “Merging in Chorver Internet brings over several thousand …

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Feb 28

Data Centre Expansion – Astutium Ltd Expands again in London

New data-cente Suite completed within Legend IPHouse facility London, UK February 28th, 2007 – Astutium Ltd ( ), a leading UK provider of managed dedicated servers and colocation space, has again increased their footprint in London. The company has just completed the setup of a new private “Clever Metal Suite” facility at IPHouse 2, …

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Jan 18

“No Frills Internet” ValueColo service closes… and Astutium Colo opens

We have decided to close our budget collocation service, formerly at Due to ever increasing datacentre prices, primarily in the trebling of space costs, and ever growing need for ups (and generator) backed up power feeds, we would have had to increase the pricing for new colo’d servers, which brought the budget service almost to …

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Aug 13

New DataCentre Builds For The Big 3 Search Engines

According to an article published in the New York Times, 8/June/2006, Google Seeks More Power, yet another new massive datacentre is to be constructed utilising the enormous power-generation capabilities of the Columbia River. This joins MSN and Yahoo!, who already have building works underway in border towns between southern Washington and northern Oregon, all wanting to take advantage …

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Feb 22

LINX Scores a Hat Trick with Redbus Interhouse

LINX Scores a Hat Trick with Redbus Interhouse to provide the largest Internet exchange in the world London, UK, February 22, 2006 (XTVWorld.Com) — The London Internet Exchange (LINX) today announces that its new connection point at Redbus Interhouse’s Meridian Gate has now gone live. By having LINX facilities in each of Redbus Interhouse’s London …

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Dec 30

Data Centre Expansion – Extends Space Within Redbus Interhouse Facility in London

London, UK, 30/December/2005 9:00am Astutium Ltd, a major UK colocation provider, has again increased their footprint in London Docklands. The company has extended its private “Clever Metal Suite” facility at Telecity/Redbus Interhouse II (Meridian Gate) by another 48 racks making an additional 2256u of colo available. The latest expansion makes Astutium the largest supplier of …

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