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Mar 10

2015’s Most Popular (and Dumbest) Passwords

Despite numerous headlines throughout the year of hacks, exploits and data-breaches (many of which have led to millions in losses for the business concerned) end-users are still the weakest point in any security system – either through social engineering or simply for using incredibly simple passwords 🙁 This is the list of the most commonly …

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Oct 29

WARNING: Domain Registrant Phishing Scam

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Domain Phishing Attacks You may have heard that a massive phishing attack is ongoing against domain owners. We have received multiple reports that some of those attacks are claiming to come from Astutium or Astutium-GRS to target our registrants in an attempt to obtain your client portal / registrar access login details, …

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Jul 06

Astutium Ltd Acquires US Web Host

6th July 2105: Newark, DE – for immediate release Astutium Ltd, the only hosting provider with over 10 years of continuous uptime, has today announced the successful acquisition of (a boutique US Web Host) As a result of the agreement, PeachyHost exits the industry following the completed transfers of all the domain, hosting, server, …

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Dec 23

2015 Was The Year It All Changed (for EU VAT)

Upcoming VAT Changes Effective from the 1st January 2015 there are updated European Union regulations relating to VAT on “digital services” (for example: domains, hosting, virtual/dedicated/cloud servers, voice-over-ip and internet-connectivity) for individuals and business – European Directive 2002/38/EC relating to VAT. As of the 1st January 2015 you will be charged the VAT rate in …

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Nov 24

Astutium Ltd Acquires Web Host Zooko

London, UK – November 24, 2014 – For immediate release. Astutium Ltd ( ), an established leader in UK business and enterprise web hosting for over a decade, announced today the completed acquisition and integration of Zooko – a uk host providing cPanel based internet services to small business and individuals. We are pleased …

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Oct 01

Bash Vulnerability Shellshock – How To Test and Secure Your Machines

A new vulnerability in GNU Bash (referred to as the Shellshock Bash Bug) has been disclosed – every version upto the announcement of the issue on 24/September is exploitable and MUST be patched immediately. This vulnerability allows hackers to remotely execute code on your server by passing a string following an environment variable Exploitable systems …

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Aug 05

FAQoTW: Payment Methods – How To Setup Automatic Payments

An increasing number of clients have opened tickets recently to ask how to pay for their Hosting and Domain names automatically. It’s easy 🙂 Just setup your choice of automated regular payment methods … Standing Order Bank Account details should be on your invoice, and are also in our extensive knowledgebase KB Article – How …

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Apr 11

FAQoTW: How do I move an SSL certificate to my Astutium Dedicated Server

In the wake of the ‘heartbleed’ exploit announcement a client decided now was the time to finish the consolidation all their sites and servers to their Astutium Dedi As they’re using WHM/Cpanel moving sites between servers is very simple – the hardest part is choosing between using the in-built migration/transfer tools, and the ‘old fashioned’ …

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Apr 09

Security: The Importance of Being Updated

Another day, another exploit. However, as far as the Heartbleed exploit goes this is a doosey! Heartbleed is a proof-of-concept exploit for one of the most popular encryption libraries available, OpenSSL, that allows attackers to steal live memory from the target server. That’s right – the contents of the memory of the server – which …

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Mar 17

FAQoTW: How Do I Monitor DD Progress Copying A Drive to a New One

Linux How-To Use DD to Copy A Drive to a New One There are times when it’s necessary to migrate all the data from one disk to another. These include Upgrading to a larger disk Pre-emptivey moving to a new drive following a SMART alert Making a copy before moving a server etc There are …

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