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Jun 29 2016

ICANN and Regional Internet Registries Sign SLA for the IANA Numbering Services

Helsinki, Finland – 29 June 2016. The Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and ICANN signed the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the IANA Numbering Services at ICANN 56 in Helsinki, Finland 29/June/2016. This agreement documents the arrangements for provision by ICANN of IANA numbering services, after the IANA stewardship transition which is expected to begin around …

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Mar 16 2016

CENTR Report on ICANN55 Meeting Published

The Council of European National Top-Level-Domain Registries (CENTR) has published their summary of last weeks ICANN-55 Meeting … TL:DR; Highlights Volunteer shortage / fatigue is a very real problem for the multi-stakeholder model ccNSO charter to be revised and updated GAC as usual had a lot to say, thinking their opinion is more important than …

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Jan 01 2009

Astutium Assigned IANA No. 1471

As part of the preparation for the launch of Astutium ICANN Accredited Domain Registry we have been assigned our official IANA Registrar Number #1471

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Jan 31 2005

A New Registrar Is Born …

Google, the ubiquitous group running the Search Engine, shopping portal , news group archives and world famous gmail have today begun plans to break into the Domain Name Regisitration market. A quick visit to the IANA list of Registrars shows a new entry in the charts at number 895 domain pickers … 891-894 Unassigned 895 Google, Inc. 896-900 Unassigned How long until they …

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