Astutium Ltd acquires DesignRWeb

Astutium Ltd are proud to announce the inclusion of the
DesignRWeb business into the growing Othello family of internet services.
The inclusion of another first class linux hosting brand adds to our overall
strategy of offering quality personal, business, corporate and reseller
hosting on the widest range of technology platforms.

For existing customers the takeover should bring a greater level of
investment into the business, alongside more staff, UK and Europe based
transit services and system improvements. All DesignRWeb customers should
continue to receive the support and service they have come to expect, with a
vast array of new featires and facilities coming online over the coming few

Planned changes and enhancements include:
* New server hardware
* More choice of control panel (Plesk, Cpanel, Hsphere, Cobalt, HELM)
* Windows Hosting by customer request
* Improved Reseller plans
* Divergent nameservers
* Increased performance from high-quality UK banswidth and peering
* Easier customisation of hosting service
* Online FAQ/Help Center
* Domain ordering Service

We have now obtained our own Nominet Tag (DESIGNRWEB) further reinforcing
the brand identity.

The DesignRWeb look and style should largely remain with a new website,
ordering system and forum coming online by mid-May.

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