ICANN Says Nuclear Response Is Imminent

In the wake of the Registerfly.com fiasco ICANN anounced that they are going to use their powers and nuke RegFlys Accreditation.

RegisterFly have 2 weeks to solve the customer complaints issues or face termination.

ICANNs letter to them includes a comprehensive shopping list of complaints filed against Registerfly over the past two years and multiple failed attempts to get the company to meet its obligations.

Registerfly’s conduct has fallen far short of both its responsibilities to the public and its agreements. We therefore provide this formal notice of breach of Registerfly’s Registrar Accreditation Agreement with ICANN.
reports ICANN

900,000 domains currently cannot be managed, transferred or renewed – and over 20,000 domains has been lost already.

Yet another example of why “cheap” does not equal “best”
For those not involved in domain names a quick recap:

  • Kevin Medina starts RegisterFly, an enom reseller.
  • After getting a lot of customers by being cheaper than going to enom directly, decided they’d take on the big-boys/
  • Applied for and receieved ICANN accreditation, got a bit big-for-their-boots, p!ssed off lots of people.
  • Medina then (apparantly) gets sacked over the cock-ups
  • Letters about it originally published on the RegFly blogs are removed.
  • Due to the number of client complaints, enom tried to rescue/recovr the majority of the clientbase.
  • Medina hacks into the regfly systems locking out staff and clients from domain management
  • And now the FBI are involved, helping make a major fruckup of the whole thing.

The official rant site Registerflies.com is a worthwhile read, and they are currently warning all Registerfly.com customers to cease doing any transactions with the registration company immediately. The locked out Registerfly staff are now turning to Registerflies.com the to pass information on to customers whose domains are now in jeopardy.

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