Chinese Blog Goes For NASDAQ Listing

Chinese Blogger Fang Xingdong is looking at listing his blogging business on the NASDAQ.

Fang Xingdong CEO of, started the company with funds generated as as an online commentator (blogger).

We are building a blog-based portal and we will be the first blogger ever to list on the NASDAQ

The company will receive US$10 million in financing next month from

  • 3 American venture capitalists
  • Hong Kong-based venture capitalist Softbank Investment International
  • An un-named mainland Chinese investor

China Economic .Net reported …

One of China’s most well-known bloggers hopes to ride the current boom in personal online journals and transform his blog site into a U.S.-listed Internet giant.

Accurate details of the product range of the new company are not available, but their initial offering of free hosting of chinese language blogs could be enormous.

The news may not be free in China, but personal publishing is about to take a dramatic leap with potentially hundreds of millions of online news reporters about to spring up !

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