DC-Domains.com merged into Astutium

As part of our process to continually improve our products and services and extend the range of solutions availble, DC-Domains.com has merged into Astutium Ltd !

We have today completed our migration from the our dc-domains system into the new Client Portal and Domain Management systems which you can find at Astutium Client Portal

The new system provides you with all the existing features and…

  • 80 additional domain types to register
  • cleaner interface for viewing the domain details
  • removal of the mandatory domain-credits purchase step
  • more options for transferring in your domains from other registrars
  • cheaper pricing

Your existing dcd login email and password will continue to work, please take a moment to verify your contact information and update as necessary.

Additional features will be coming soon, including bulk registrations, drop-catching, and more.

If you have any questions or problems, please create a ticket at our online support system Astutium Client Portal and a member of our Domains Team will investigate for you.

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