GoDaddy Shuts Down “Dodgy Tactics” Division

Standard Tactics LLC, a hidden/shell company owned by registrar GoDaddy is set to close.

After all the hypocrasy of Bob Parsons, CEO of GD, complaining about domain tasting and kiting, yet running his own domain tasting/cybersquatting company, GoDaddy have finally announced that their sub-company “Standard Tactics LLC” is closing, after numerous trademark infringement cases for cybersquatting.

Whilst this can only be good news for domain purchasers (for actual use or search engine spam or whatever) it’s still not a complete clean-up of their act as a registry/registrar.

If a domain is not renewed, which had previously been registered by GD, and that domain has any sort of “residual” traffic or backlinks – they’re listing them for sale @ $300+ on TDNAM the GoDaddy owned domain aftermarket – rather than release them !

Up until recently, TDNAM had also come under heavy criticism after it was discovered that their own “VP of Aftermarket Sales” was caught bidding against his own clients to shill-bid up the price on 2ndary domains – GD have now issued a “policy” preventing staff bidding against clients on behalf of the company – a practice illegal on auctions in the US – it would be like ebay knowing yor max bid and always forcing you to pay it !

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