New .CN Registrations Suspended Indefinitely

It is with regret that we have to announce that CNNIC has imposed an immediate and indefinite suspension of all .CN registrations from overseas Registrars.

As a result of this action by CNNIC, we have no choice but to stop accepting new .CN registrations through and with immediate effect from today.

Please note that currently renewals will continue to be supported.

Availability checks for .CN domains via the Client Portal, Web Interface and API will be changed to return Not Available for .CN domains.

CNNIC says the suspension will

allow us to implement a better methodology to verify registrant information

This is in direct response to Chinese Government concerns that the normal use of .CN (Spamming and Scamming) had been “subverted” by overseas Registrants forcing the ccTLD to become synonomous with more “decadent” uses of domains (hosting profit making websites and p0rn)

There is no timetable for the resumption of new registrations.

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