Temporary suspension of .TC, .GD and .VG from registration and update

Due to continuing uncertainties regarding the administration and delegation of the ccTLDs:
we are temporarily unable to allow any modifications, registrations, transfers or renewals of domains of these ccTLDs.

Currently, the resolution of existing registered domain names is not affected.

We are awaiting the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) decision over the country codes, following a dispute between the various companies claiming to represent these ccTLDs. IANA is in the process of clarifying the responsibility for the three domain extensions.

Once the registry for administration of the .TC, .GD and .VG is clear, Astutium will return to regular registrar operation for these ccTLDs.

Historically these 3 country code domain names were managed by AdamsNames who are “in dispute” with new company claiming to be the authorised operator Meridian TLD Corp

copy of the letter received 20/March

Since 8th March 2013, many of our clients were contacted by some people who pretended to be AdamsNames Limited. They received the announcement of an alleged migration of our .gd, .tc and .vg TLD registry to another system, with the adamsnames.net website as a basis. We are seriously concerned about the confusion that was caused by this illegal action.

Please be aware of the following facts:

1. The people running the false “AdamsNames Limited” are Ertan Ulutas and his assistants Ayse Ergen and Tolga Kaprol, acting simultaneously as “TCNET Ltd.”. They are seated in Istanbul and not in London. For some time, Ertan Ulutas worked as one of our system administrators. TCNET had acted as a registrar for us in Turkey, had sold quite a lot of domains, but had failed to pay our invoices, so that we terminated the business relationship without notice.

2. Since 23rd April 2012, Director of AdamsNames Limited is Carsten Pauli. Ertan Ulutas has never been Director or shareholder of our company. He is not authorised to act on behalf of AdamsNames Limited. These facts are filed at Companies House in Cardiff.

3. On 18th March 2013, the domains www.adamsnames.net and www.adamsnames.org were reassigned to us. The nameservers were changed so that the false AdamsNames website on adamsnames.net is offline now.

The domain history shows that the domains www.adamsnames.net and www.adamsnames.org had originally been registered for AdamsNames Limited, until Ertan Ulutas abused his position of trust and changed the ownership to himself resp. his TCNET. This happened without authorisation by our Director Carsten Pauli. We call this a criminal act.

4. All that we want is to continue our business and run the registries for the .gd, .tc and .vg TLD like before the 08th March 2013. Maybe we will be forced to take some other legal action against Ertan Ulutas and his assistants, but this will not infringe our daily work.

Please pay attention to some important aspects:

a) Since 10th March 2013, we have provided new access data for all registrars. If you are in doubt whether you use the correct data, please do not hesitate to contact us for the appropriate information.

b) In case that you have registered, deleted or transferred .gd, .tc and/or .vg domains since 8th March 2013, please send us a complete list with all the appropriate registration data for validation purposes as soon as possible. We will crosscheck our data immediately and transmit our confirmation within one week. If you should have submitted registrations to the false AdamsNames website on www.adamsnames.net, we will adopt those registrations whenever possible. Of course, we will not claim additional charges.

c) All payments that were made into our bank account No. 14211500 at Adam & Company are safe and have been credited to the appropriate clients’ account in our books. For each registrar, the details will be shown in our next monthly invoice on 31st March 2013.

However, if you should have payed into another account on the basis of an invoice or other information that you have received from the false AdamsNames website since 8th March 2013, please provide us with full information about this process (e.g. invoice, receipt for payment) as soon as possible.

For further queries on the issues mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact our Legal Department (legal@adamsnames.com).

We apoIogise for any inconvenience.

Kind regards

AdamsNames Limited

Carsten Pauli, Director

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