FAQoTW: How do I move an SSL certificate to my Astutium Dedicated Server

In the wake of the ‘heartbleed’ exploit announcement a client decided now was the time to finish the consolidation all their sites and servers to their Astutium Dedi

As they’re using WHM/Cpanel moving sites between servers is very simple – the hardest part is choosing between using the in-built migration/transfer tools, and the ‘old fashioned’ method of packaging it up at the command line and restoring on the other side – that’s largely influenced by the size of the site/files/emails/databases.

However the actual question was

how to move a ssl certificate from one dedicated machine to another (the site already exists and has been tested)

This turns out to be incredibly simple 🙂

  1. Using WHM on the ‘destination’ server, transfer the account (sites) if not already done
  2. Assign the account a dedicated IP address if it doesn’t already have one
  3. Copy the key, csr, crt, ca(bundle) files from the old server to your local machine; Depending on OS/verions the files will be in






  4. In WHM go to Home »SSL/TLS »Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain
  5. Fill in the details for Domain (site) and IP
  6. Paste in the contents of the .CRT file into the Certificate box
  7. Paste in the contents of the .KEY file into the Private Key box
  8. Paste in the contents of the .CABUNDLE file into the Certificate Authority Bundle box
  9. Click Install

Wait for the files to be created on your server and Apache to restart and then test https access to the site

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