How to Change all Users CPanel Theme to Paper Lantern

Despite ‘x’ and it’s followup ‘x3’ being the most popular themes for cpanel (as well as being the most widely extended themes in use by hosting companies) the authors have decided to concentrate on the ‘paper lantern’ style for all future features.

A shame, and we will really miss the X-style (and our highly customised and feature enhanced versions for mail, forwarding, wordpress and ecommerce hosting) 🙁

One of the steps in deprecating the X3 themes has been to (optionally) make the default for new accounts the PL style – this helps for new clients, but doesn’t help transition existing users.

Without warning, the latest version of cpanel/whm simply no longer works correctly without paper-lantern, but no option was provided to auto-update hosting accounts – they just stopped working !

It’s not all bad news though, as the fix for your VPS/Dedicated-Server is relatively simple …

cd /var/cpanel/users
perl -p -i -e “s/x3mail/paper_lantern/g” *
perl -p -i -e “s/x3/paper_lantern/g” *
perl -p -i -e “s/xmail/paper_lantern/g” *
perl -p -i -e “s/monsoon/paper_lantern/g” *
perl -p -i -e “s/xcontroller/paper_lantern/g” *
perl -p -i -e “s/rvblue/paper_lantern/g” *
perl -p -i -e “s/rvgreen/paper_lantern/g” *
perl -p -i -e “s/rvred/paper_lantern/g” *

and all existing accounts will now be using paper_lantern when they next login.

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