Hosted Minecraft 1.11 Explorer Update Servers

The latest version of Hosted Minecraft Server – Minecraft 1.11 – Explorer Update is now available from Astutium at

Minecraft Explorer Update - with added LLamaness

Minecraft Explorer Update – with added LLamaness

All existing clients can update to the 1.11 Explorer Update version of MineCraft through the Astutium MultiCraft Control Panel online now.

MC1.11 introduces …

  • Illagers – the odd cousins of Villagers
  • The new Woodland Mansions – inhabited by Illagers
  • A special new type of Villager – the Cartographer
  • Llam caravans – for loot transport
  • Shulker Box – a special chest that retains its contents even when knocked down
  • much more waiting for you to discover

A Cartographer will exchange your spare emeralds for a map, marking the spot of certain treasure caches, but be warned – these locations don’t give up their bounty easily.
Maps may point you to mysterious Ocean Monuments, patrolled by spiny Guardians, or to the new Woodland Mansions, home to the Illagers!

The Illagers are mean and miserly folk do not welcome interlopers: watch out for spells which summon toothsome traps from the floor, or conjure nasty impish foes called Vexes.
Survive that, and you’ll find that the Woodland Mansion contains a rather powerful prize: the Totem of Undying.
With this trinket to hand, you can face any peril without fear. Fall, and the Totem of Undying will bring you back from the abyss of death itself!

Llamas 🙂 These noble ruminants will form a caravan train that you lead across the land, and can be decked out with bling in the form of drapes.
They’ll also chase off menaces with a hail of spitballs !

To celebrate the official launch of MC1.11 Astutium Hosted Minecraft Servers are offering the first 111 new minecraft server clients 30% off with voucher “CRAFTER111” at checkout

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