Centralnic ‘de-commissioning’ psuedo TLDs – Batch 1

CentralNic, (a domain registry for a large number of domain extensions and psuedo extensions) advises that effective midnight April 30, 2017 the following SLDs [ domains used as domain extensions ] will be no longer available for registration or renewal. These domains are effectively now dead 🙁

• .ar.com
• .gb.com
• .hu.com
• .kr.com
• .qc.com
• .no.com
• .se.com
• .uy.com

If you have any websites or email services on these domains you MUST immediately look for an alternative.
At Astutium we are helping ensure that clients move any services away from these artificial domains to alternative extensions of their choice.

This issue affects all domain providers as it is a direct decision made by the suppliers to the Registry, however we have been assured that all remaining SLDs/domain extensions provided by CentralNic are currently safe for another 12 months and have no disputes or ownership issues surrounding them at present.

As over the last year more than 800 new domain extensions have become available, now is a good time to buy a domain name that represents your business effectively online, is easy to remember and looks professional.

Extensions such as .london help show you are either based in or do business in London, alongside professional domains such as .plumbing, .photography, and many, many more. Check out all the extensions on our Domain Extension Wiki

If your affected domain is registered with Astutium, we will be in touch for every domain affected, to provide you with a free replacement registration on more stable ccTLD, SLD or gTLD of your choice.

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