.BEST gTLD and BestTLD Pty Ltd. New company ? Old tricks !

We’ve been contacted by the “new” operators of the .BEST #newTLD in relation to our dropping of a pointless waste-of-internet-resources TLD from 2014.

In their email they claim:

THE BEST SAS, our French company … operates now the .Best since 3+ years, is daily fighting against spams and of course has nothing to do with the previous owners.

Having admitted the article predates their operation by a number of years, and now daily fighting against spam, instead of wanting to start a dialog about
* would we reconsidering selling the domains
* we know you had a bad experience we’re sorry, is there a way forward
* how they’ve been repairing the reputation of a tainted tld
or even just
* lets meet up for coffee at one of the many industry events and discuss the changes at .best

No, none of that civilised and sensible stuff.

They go straight into the demands to have history revised, and the actions of the (claimed previous) tld operator management/staff whitewashed, backed up by the usual threats of legal action common amongst impotent CEOs needing to feel better about themselves by trying to bully people.

I can only assume that 5 years too late for due-diligence on the acquisition, they have a least finally contracted someone who has a slight clue about using a search-engine.

In a karmic twist of technlogical fate, their followup email stating they will be taking action under DCMA (which doesn’t exist in or apply to the UK) [and where they state it is actually the same company behind .BEST], gets flagged by mailservers as *SPAM* – the very issue that led to the first article getting written :

5.0 BAYES_99               BODY: Bayes spam probability is 99 to 100%

No real changes there then !

Time to just firewall out the entire .BEST domain extension – less junk in the mailbox, and you’ll never miss it.

For linux edit your /etc/hosts.deny
file and add

ALL : .best

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