Sep 10

New TLD .africa.com now available for registrations at astutium.com

Great news ! Astutium Ltd are now an accredited registrar for the new .africa.com subdomains

africa.com banner

The latest CentralNIC TLD .africa.com is now available for registration at the Astutium Domain Registration website

Unlike most African ccTLDs, .africa.com is open to all registrants – providing opportunity to target global citizens wishing to connect with Africa as well African business and individuals.

In short, anyone, anywhere in the world, who recognises the value of the unparalleled visibility delivered by “.africa” + “.com” could benefit from registration of their .africa.com domain.

Domain names like app.africa.com, careers.africa.com and gym.africa.com are now available for instant online registration from the astutium website.

For just 19.95+vat you can register your business name as well as thousands of available short, generic and “prime real-estate” names like these:

  • visit.africa.com
  • shop.africa.com
  • coupon.africa.com
  • gifts.africa.com
  • movies.africa.com
  • spa.africa.com
  • bar.africa.com
  • social.africa.com

and many more…

.africa.com enables you to achieve high visibility and offers your business the chance to capitalise on the world’s fastest growing internet market (African internet usage growth rates are projected at over 50% per year through 2015!)
and get exposure in 54 countries for the price of one domain.

Registrations under .Africa.com are totally unrestricted, so anyone from anywhere in the world wishing to connect with the huge African market qualifies as a registrant.

Register your .Africa.com domain today and benefit from being associated with the newest most powerful and memorable domain in the continent.

Some premium names have already been snapped up – Astutium are the appointed domain broker for the sale of:

  • north.africa.com
  • east.africa.com
  • west.africa.com
  • central.africa.com

If those would be of interest to your business please contact our domain brokers with your offer.