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2017 dotUK Renewals Report Published

Nominet Business Intelligence - dotUK Renewal Rates

The latest edition of the Nominet Business Intelligence reports have been issued, which show the Registrations, Renewals and Transfers [growth and loss] of the .UK domain name market, and compare a registrar to the average for the registry overall. Who wants be below-average or even just-average ? Not us 🙂 It’s always nice to see …

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Top 10 Locations of Attempted Domain Registration Fraud

Fraudulent Registrations (payment with stolen card details, attempted payment with hacked paypal accounts, theft due to chargeback etc) are major problems for all Domain Registrars Many fraudsters use open proxies, hacked machines or internet cafes for their scams, which make identifying their actual location difficult (but not impossible). The most common locations initiating domain fraud …

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Checking your Rights and Claiming your .UK Domain Name

Nominet the .UK Registry for 2nd Level Domains (2LDs) .co.uk .org.uk .me.uk etc now allow the top level ccTLD .UK to be registered 🙂 For domains which currently do not exist as (something).*.uk they can be registered now at Register Your .UK Domain Name Where (something).*.UK already exists, there is a system of ‘rights’ over …

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Nominet Selected as Emergency Back-End Registry Operator (EBERO) for new gTLDs

Congratulations to Nominet for being selected as provider for the EBERO service. ICANN is pleased to announce that Nominet recently signed an agreement to act as Emergency Back-End Registry Operator (EBERO) for new gTLDs. EBERO service providers offer an additional layer of protection to the Domain Name System (DNS). Should anything happen to a gTLD …

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newGTLDs – Protecting Your Brand and Trademark Infographic

ICANN have published an infographic for their favourite overlords – IP Rights Holders. This provides some detail/information regarding trademarks and the new policies/procedures/acronyms TM holders can use in the newGTLD world. They have of course missed several vital pieces of the puzzle off the graphics, the least of which is to inform you that every …

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DotGreen Community Inc pull out of New GTLD Application for .green

DotGreen Community Inc. have decided to pull out of the running for the contended (multiple applicant) new gtld .GREEN. Ultimately it simply boils down to not having (or not wanting to spend) enough money – something affecting a number of gtld applicants – as it’s always been known that contended strings will go to the …

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New TLD .africa.com now available for registrations at astutium.com

Great news ! Astutium Ltd are now an accredited registrar for the new .africa.com subdomains The latest CentralNIC TLD .africa.com is now available for registration at the Astutium Domain Registration website Unlike most African ccTLDs, .africa.com is open to all registrants – providing opportunity to target global citizens wishing to connect with Africa as well …

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Swedish Registry (dotSE) takes over running .nu (dotNU) ccTLD

At the end of August 2013 the Swedish Registry IIS.SE will take over the running of the registry services for .nu from WorldNames. All currently registered .nu domain names will be managed by IIS who already operate the registry for .se New domain registrations, transfers, renewals and updates for .NU will continue to be available …

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ICANN De-Accredits DomainMonger.com

ICANN the managing authority for all gTLDs has removed the accreditation from Central Registrar, Inc. DBA Domainmonger.com (accredited since 4 October 2010). The termination is due to Domainmonger’s failure to timely cure the policy breaches by 1 February 2013 as set forth in ICANN’s notice of breach of RAA dated 11 January 2013. As of …

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Neustar increase dotBIZ prices to registrars

Neustar, the domain registry for the gTLD dotBIZ has announced a 10% price increase for all .biz domain name registrations, .biz domain name renewals and .biz domain name transfers effective from midnight 31st March 2013 Domain: .biz Astutium.com are an ICANN Accredited .BIZ Domain Registrar with the best value domain registration pricing in the UK. …

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