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Nov 25

2016 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special Offers

2016 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special Offers Save 50% on Servers, Hosting, VPS and More Black Friday is the Friday after USA Thanksgiving. Traditionally it signalled the last date by which American stores expected to be ‘in the black’ (ie. financially profit making for that year) so a critical point in preparing for End …

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Oct 01

Bash Vulnerability Shellshock – How To Test and Secure Your Machines

A new vulnerability in GNU Bash (referred to as the Shellshock Bash Bug) has been disclosed – every version upto the announcement of the issue on 24/September is exploitable and MUST be patched immediately. This vulnerability allows hackers to remotely execute code on your server by passing a string following an environment variable Exploitable systems …

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Apr 11

FAQoTW: How do I move an SSL certificate to my Astutium Dedicated Server

In the wake of the ‘heartbleed’ exploit announcement a client decided now was the time to finish the consolidation all their sites and servers to their Astutium Dedi As they’re using WHM/Cpanel moving sites between servers is very simple – the hardest part is choosing between using the in-built migration/transfer tools, and the ‘old fashioned’ …

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Mar 17

FAQoTW: How Do I Monitor DD Progress Copying A Drive to a New One

Linux How-To Use DD to Copy A Drive to a New One There are times when it’s necessary to migrate all the data from one disk to another. These include Upgrading to a larger disk Pre-emptivey moving to a new drive following a SMART alert Making a copy before moving a server etc There are …

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