Domain Name Scammers Strike Again – Now Called Loovar.Co.Uk

We’ve had a number of calls this week from clients regarding domain names and competitors “reserving” existing client domains in alternate extensions.

The bunch behind the latest round of the age-old scam are Main Stream Tech who trade from :


and many others.

They’ll claim their address is

23 Castalia Square
E14 3NR
Phone 0870 850 282

But thats just a forwarder to another address Wales that’s just a forwarder … you get the idea.

If you have been approached by any of these scumbags and sold something under VERY false pretences, immediately report them to

  • Trading Standards
  • Nominet

And then contact your bank – and get the payment you were conned into making stopped.

The basis of this (recurring) scam is:

You’ll get a phonecall from a slick salesperson …

Hi, my name is (made-up) and I’m from (official sounding non-existant organisation), we deal with (large number) of business domain names and hosting.
The reason for the call is we’ve just taken an order from
[ one of your competitors / another local business / a domain squatter] (select as appropriate)
for domains similar to your existing domain/business name.

You have and we have been asked to register: etc

At the moment these domain have been “reserved” and placed on hold for an hour, to give you opportunity to object.

Often these domains are registered in order to
[ damage your business / steal your customers / ruin you reputation ] (select as appropriate)
and you have this one opportunity to stop that from happening by buying the domains yourself from us now at (vastly inflated price)

If you want to stop this person registering your domain, we need to take your name and card details now, and can block the existing registration attempts.

Followed by lots more pushy sales tactics, attempts to sell you 10 years of hosting, offers of “free years” (for example pay for 5 years and we’ll register the domain for an extra year free for you) etc.

This current bunch of thieving-scum bounce around from host to host (as they get each of their reseller accounts cancelled) so any hosting they sell you isn’t going to be online for long – days usually.

Sadly LOTS of people regularly fall for this scam, which is why it’s so popular – my advice is NEVER buy something from people who randomly call you up !

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