Joomla! vs WordPress – Our 2 most popular CMS Face-Off

At Astutium Web Hosting we regularly get asked which CMS customers should use.

Our standard answer to this is “whichever one covers the functionality you need” 🙂

More specifically our recommendation tends to be either WordPress or Joomla! for a variety of reasons …
Both are :

  • offered as standard on all our cpanel business hosting packages
  • very well supported by their authors
  • available with plenty of themes/skins/templates
  • easily installed with our softaculous script installer
  • simple to upgrade

WP is simpler to get started with, easier to theme and because of this, more widely used.

Joomla! is more complex to administer and has a higher learning-curve to get the best from it, but is much more powerful and extendable.

Honourable mentions also need to go to Drupal and Etomite. We no longer recommend Mambo from which Joomla! was forked although do have a number of customers using it.

Still undecided which you want ? RedGiant have produced a great infographic about the differences at

wordpress vs joomla

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