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WordPress Version 3.6 “Oscar” now available

WordPress have released version 3.6 and named it Oscar in honour of Oscar Peterson the Jazz pianist. A brief list of new features includes The new Twenty-Thirteen theme inspired by modern art, which puts focus on your content with a coluorful, single-column design made for media-rich blogging. Revamped Revisions save every change and the new …

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FAQoTW: HELP! My WordPress Web Site has been Hacked AGAIN

A distraught wordpress hosting client contacted us this week because recently they’d been told their website was no longer working – instead, visitors to the site saw an image extolling some activist group support by a hacker. The client (prior contacting us) simply deleted the hacked post, and had spent a further 2 days working on their site, when …

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Why You Should Still Optimise Your Images for the Web

As a long established provider of UK Reseller Hosting we deal with lots of web designers. One thing that never fails to amaze us is the number of them who pay absolutely no attention to image optimisation – one of the core fundamentals of good website design.

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Joomla! vs WordPress – Our 2 most popular CMS Face-Off

At Astutium Web Hosting we regularly get asked which CMS customers should use. Our standard answer to this is “whichever one covers the functionality you need” 🙂 More specifically our recommendation tends to be either WordPress or Joomla! for a variety of reasons … Both are : offered as standard on all our cpanel business …

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Cool Tag Cloud Text Map Widget

There’s a really usefull Java based word-map (tag-cloud) generator which can analyse a blog by it’s RSS Feed and generate an image Wordle

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