FAQotW: Why can’t I always login to the Hosting Control Panel

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Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are answered in our Extensive Knowledgebase or shown as examples in our Online Video Tutorials, but occasionally, we get something new to look into which takes detailed investigation by our highly-trained team.

One such question recently we’ve named our FAQotW [Frequently Asked Question of the Week]

“Why can’t I always login to the Hosting Control Panel ?”

Details and Resolution …

Every new version of a browser introduces additional security features (good) and bloatware (bad) designed to make them look faster/newer/more-web2.0 etc
Lots of these “extensions” are specific to the browser and are not part of any HTML or defined standard – just “good ideas” thrown in at the last minute.

Unfortunately this often means that some browser versions are no longer suitable for general use on the inetrnet !

The latest versions (9 and 10) of Internet Explorer (under Windows 7 and 8) introduces a number of quirks which make it great for losing several hours on youtube, but in it’s default setup absolutely useless for login to hosted systems, access to online services and use with many cloud applications

If you’re having login problems to your hosting control panel for example rejecting username/password when you’re 100% sure that you typed them correctly and that you’ve not triggered a firewall block for too many incorrect attempts, issues with standard shopping-cart features (usually involving javascript) or even problems managing email in webmail, then there is a solution.

Microsoft knew about their “problem” with the browser before it was released and added a “Compatibility Mode” for when IE’s specific quirks “break” a web site, which you must enable for use on web services which use standard web-application methods rather than IE-only features.

So just turn on compatibility mode (click on the Compatibility Mode icon in Internet Explorer a “broken page” icon located on the address bar) and try again – problem solved – you’re now access the web the way it was intended 🙂

See MS Article on Compatibility Mode for more details.

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