NameSpace Collisions de-railing new gTLDS

August 5 2013 ICANN published the results of a study examining the consequences of ‘name space collisions’ between applied-for and non-delegated Top Level Domains.

Details and the public comment information can be found at

The study divided strings into three categories based on risk:

  • Low risk
  • Uncalculated risk
  • High risk

Two TLDs come out as high-risk, and may have their application cancelled completely – one of which is not a surprise:

.HOME which is widely used on end-user equipment

The study included mitigation options for each category to minimise collision potentials…

Low risk

: Continue with contracting and delegation, devise mitigation strategies that would not interfere with launch timeline

Uncalculated risk

: Carry out further studies about risk; these studies may take approximately 3-6 months to complete

High risk

: Delay contracting and delegation and commence with mitigation efforts that will eventually land these two strings in the “low risk” category

ICANN continually stresses that security is of the utmost importance in the new gTLD introduction process. Keep in mind that the above mitigation strategies are in the proposal phase only; public comment and feedback is

ICANN has posted these recommendations for public comment, and the initial reaction from the New TLD Applicant community has been swift and strong — the term “backlash” springs to mind. With two new gTLDs facing elimination, and a further 20% of all applications confronting an uncertain future after years of work and millions of dollars invested, the next few weeks promise to be colorful indeed.

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