Checking your Rights and Claiming your .UK Domain Name

Nominet the .UK Registry for 2nd Level Domains (2LDs) etc now allow the top level ccTLD .UK to be registered 🙂

For domains which currently do not exist as (something).*.uk they can be registered now at
Register Your .UK Domain Name

nominet shorter is better .uk

Where (something).*.UK already exists, there is a system of ‘rights’ over the new shorter .UK domain name to determine who can become the registered name holder (registrant) – which lasts until 2019 or until the .*.uk is not renewed.

If your domain is registered with Nominet .UK Registrar Astutium Ltd then you can simply verify and order your new shorter .uk domain name through the dedicated ‘Claim Your .UK‘ page in the ‘My Domains’ section of the Client Portal.

If your domain is not currently registered/managed with Astutium why not transfer it to Astutium for free and take advantage of our simple domain and hosting management and cheap renewals.

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