Withdrawal of dotBEST .BEST gTLD of BestTLD Pty Ltd

We are withdrawing from sale the gTLD .BEST / dotBEST operated by BestTLD Pty Ltd ( a company registered in Australia ) for being spammers.

BestTLD Pty Ltd, and their spamming representative Mike Deparini believe that sending out mass-automated spam emails to domain registrants and domain registrars is a form of ‘marketing’ of their #newGTLD despite it being illegal in most countries.

Unfortunately ICANN didn’t put aside any of the 185,000$ application fee of .BEST for the purchase and subsequent application of a clue-bat with which to educate the Spammers BestTLD Pty Ltd and the .best registry contract only has provisions to cancel it on a ‘felony’ not a ‘misdemeanor’

No-one wants to receive junk/spam emails.

Spammers like BestTLD Pty Ltd only care about the money they will take from you directly and indirectly.

It costs you the recipient time to notice and delete the emails.
It costs you money in wasted bandwidth/storage which you have to pay for.
It costs the the host/isp additional processing and throughput.

Spammers are simply thieves hiding behind email addresses (often faked) – the only possible benefactor of spam is the spammer, and the only way to stop spam is if everyone makes the effort to not-buy from them. EVER.

No one asked to be sent unsolicited commercial mailings from an organisation too lazy to build an actual marketing plan, instead .best operator BestTLD Pty Ltd decided to mail out to trawled-from-whois email addresses of domains with ‘best’ in them.

Want to get less spam from people like BestTLD Pty Ltd in your mailbox ?
Set your filters to auto-delete everything from:
And there will be one less known spammer you don’t have to deal with again.

Envelope-to: **//redacted//**
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From: "Mike Deparini"
To: "**//redacted//**" **//redacted//**
Reply-To: domains@toplevel.best
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2014 22:00:42 +1100
Subject: =?utf-8?Q??=
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