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.BEST gTLD and BestTLD Pty Ltd. New company ? Old tricks !

We’ve been contacted by the “new” operators of the .BEST #newTLD in relation to our dropping of a pointless waste-of-internet-resources TLD from 2014. In their email they claim: THE BEST SAS, our French company … operates now the .Best since 3+ years, is daily fighting against spams and of course has nothing to do with …

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Withdrawal of dotBEST .BEST gTLD of BestTLD Pty Ltd

We are withdrawing from sale the gTLD .BEST / dotBEST operated by BestTLD Pty Ltd ( a company registered in Australia ) for being spammers. BestTLD Pty Ltd, and their spamming representative Mike Deparini believe that sending out mass-automated spam emails to domain registrants and domain registrars is a form of ‘marketing’ of their #newGTLD …

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