UK Draft Investigatory Powers Bill Workshop

Astutium will be taking part in the @LINX workshops on the DIPB aka snoopers charter on Tuesday 23rd feb 2016
LINX Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB) Workshop Banner
This workshop will explore how the Bill will affect “network operators”, and discuss our opportunities to influence the legislative process.

The IPB covers 4 main areas:

  • Interception
  • Data Retention
  • Access to Communications Data
  • Equipment Interference

with massive implications for every internet user for their security, freedom, rights and obligations.

The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) has made significant criticisms of the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill, arguing that

the Government has missed the opportunity to provide the clarity and assurance which is badly needed

You can download a full copy of their report at
ISC Report on IPB

Similarly the Joint Committee on the Investigatory Powers Bill has made 86 recommendations for improvement, including:

  • The Bill should make clear the intention of the Government’s policy to seek access to protected communications and data when required by a warrant
  • That the goverment should NOT be requiring encryption keys to be compromised or backdoors installed on to systems
  • Demanding if bulk powers are to be included in the Bill, a fuller justification for each should also be published alongside the Bill
  • That the government must do more to conclusively prove the case for Internet Connection Records

and much more

What is far more scary beyond the content of the bill itself (and missed by many commentators) is that the primary purpose of this legislation is simply to make ‘legal’ the mass-surveillance of communications that the UK Government is already doing to us all.

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