COVID-19 and Astutium At-Office and On-Site Meetings

Whilst we are (usually) quite happy to receive clients, suppliers and industry colleagues in person at our locations in London, we have always preferred pre-arrangement as it enables the appropriate team members to be made available
– plus given enough advance-notice I might even be able to get some biscuits in 🙂

With reference to the global concern regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, the following measures are being taken to protect our team members and you for at any face-to-face meetings.

And yes, we are aware you already know that you’re not to come to a meeting if you are unwell, and I do not mean to imply that you are in any way ‘dirty’, but as a precautionary measure…

To ensure the health and safety of all meeting participants, we are:

  • Not booking any new client site visits for a minimum of 90 days from today
  • Not sending any new invitations to our premises for a minimum of 90 days from today
  • For planned meetings at our office, insisting that everyone washes thoroughly on arrival and departure

    [facilities are of course available, and despite the recent reports of panic buying/shortages, I can assure you we have enough soap & handwash & wipes & toilet-rolls to maintain our always excellent hygiene standards]
  • For meetings at the datacentres, insisting everyone washes thoroughly before and after use of all common areas

    [in-dc facilities are available, and I will be delivering additional levels of personal hygiene supplies]
  • Requesting that meetings are cancelled/postponed/moved-online where possible
  • Implementing an appointment-only access arrangement for our offices moving forward

We are closely monitoring the impact of the virus on business gatherings, and checking our existing DR/BC plans remain more than sufficient.

So please accept my apologies if you had expected to be able to “pop by” and see us, and if that had been the case, please give me a call (or drop me an email), and together we can see what options remain available for getting together.

Rob Golding
Astutium Ltd

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