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DataCentre Annoyances – No Unpacking Facilities

Dedicated Build Room Configuration Area

We spend a *lot* of time in datacentres – both our own for obvious reasons, and our other Points-of-Presence (PoPs) plus looking after 3rd-party installations at various other UK locations. Almost all the internet connectivity in the UK runs through Docklands – so all the better connected DC’s are here in E14 – and this …

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“No Frills Internet” ValueColo service closes… and Astutium Colo opens

We have decided to close our budget collocation service, formerly at http://www.valuecolo.co.uk Due to ever increasing datacentre prices, primarily in the trebling of space costs, and ever growing need for ups (and generator) backed up power feeds, we would have had to increase the pricing for new colo’d servers, which brought the budget service almost to …

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Data Centre Expansion – Extends Space Within Redbus Interhouse Facility in London

London, UK, 30/December/2005 9:00am Astutium Ltd, a major UK colocation provider, has again increased their footprint in London Docklands. The company has extended its private “Clever Metal Suite” facility at Telecity/Redbus Interhouse II (Meridian Gate) by another 48 racks making an additional 2256u of colo available. The latest expansion makes Astutium the largest supplier of …

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