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Astutium.com officially ‘best-value’ UK/GBP domain registrar

Latest research has shown that Astutium Ltd domain name registration service at Astutium Domain Name Registrations are the best value UK/GBP ICANN accredited domain registrars. The research was carried out by Dot and Co, a French based company that publishes news on ICANN domain names and pricing internationally and shows that Astutium was the cheapest …

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VAT Change Special Offer – 20.0% off Domain Registrations

Jan 2011, UK VAT increases to 20.0% (from the previous rate of 17.5%) To ease the pain for domain registrants for the whole of January, Astutium Ltd Domain Registration Service will effectively pay the VAT on your new domain registrations with our special 20.0% discount on all our registration prices with money-off coupon VAT2011 Take advantage of the …

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A New Registrar Is Born …

Google, the ubiquitous group running the Search Engine, shopping portal , news group archives and world famous gmail have today begun plans to break into the Domain Name Regisitration market. A quick visit to the IANA list of Registrars shows a new entry in the charts at number 895 domain pickers … 891-894 Unassigned 895 Google, Inc. 896-900 Unassigned How long until they …

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