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Hosted MineCraft Server 1.7.2 Now Available at Astutium

Minecraft 1.7.2 server released and ready to use… The latest official release of Minecraft (1.7.2) is out now and available on all Astutium Hosted MineCraft Servers. MC172 includes all updates from MC17 and MC171. Existing clients can upgrade in 30 seconds through the minecraft multicraft control panel Stop Server Pick 1.7.2 from the list of …

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Hosted MineCraft Server 1.6 Now Available at Astutium

As recently announced at https://mojang.com/ 1.6 is here! The highly-anticipated new version (1.6.1) of MineCraft … now comes with added horseyness 🙂 Get your MC1.6 minecraft server Minecraft Server Hosting with 16% off during July with coupon “MC16SERVER” * Vanilla Minecraft from just £2.50/month+VAT * CraftBukkit Minecraft from just £7.50/month+vat * Minecraft Servers with Custom JAR Support from just £15.00/month+VAT …

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