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Aug 21 2006

.Ax ccTLD (Aland Islands) Becomes Operational

ICANN finally announced that the Aland Islands country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) .ax has now become operational. The announcement follows formal approval of the new ccTLD by the ICANN Board on the 9/June/2006 and addition of the .ax domain to the root zone shortly afterwards. The Aland Islands is an autonomous province of Finland, representing a cluster of 6,500 islands located …

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Jan 31 2005

A New Registrar Is Born …

Google, the ubiquitous group running the Search Engine, shopping portal , news group archives and world famous gmail have today begun plans to break into the Domain Name Regisitration market. A quick visit to the IANA list of Registrars shows a new entry in the charts at number 895 domain pickers … 891-894 Unassigned 895 Google, Inc. 896-900 Unassigned How long until they …

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