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Jul 08

FAQotW: Why can’t I always login to the Hosting Control Panel

At Astutium we’re proud of the high-level of customer satisfaction customer express of the support team with tickets averaging satisfaction of 4.44/5. Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are answered in our Extensive Knowledgebase or shown as examples in our Online Video Tutorials, but occasionally, we get something new to look into which takes detailed investigation by our …

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Apr 01

Why You Should Still Optimise Your Images for the Web

As a long established provider of UK Reseller Hosting we deal with lots of web designers. One thing that never fails to amaze us is the number of them who pay absolutely no attention to image optimisation – one of the core fundamentals of good website design.

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Jan 31

A New Registrar Is Born …

Google, the ubiquitous group running the Search Engine, shopping portal , news group archives and world famous gmail have today begun plans to break into the Domain Name Regisitration market. A quick visit to the IANA list of Registrars shows a new entry in the charts at number 895 domain pickers … 891-894 Unassigned 895 Google, Inc. 896-900 Unassigned How long until they …

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