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Apr 14

Top 10 Locations of Attempted Domain Registration Fraud

Fraudulent Registrations (payment with stolen card details, attempted payment with hacked paypal accounts, theft due to chargeback etc) are major problems for all Domain Registrars Many fraudsters use open proxies, hacked machines or internet cafes for their scams, which make identifying their actual location difficult (but not impossible). The most common locations initiating domain fraud …

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Apr 08

Simple Explanation of the Snoopers Charter

The always-superb Cassetteboy puts the explanation of the #IPBILL to music … If you’re not worried about the Investigatory Powers Bill (aka the Snoopers’ Charter), you don’t know enough about it

Oct 29

WARNING: Domain Registrant Phishing Scam

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Domain Phishing Attacks You may have heard that a massive phishing attack is ongoing against domain owners. We have received multiple reports that some of those attacks are claiming to come from Astutium or Astutium-GRS to target our registrants in an attempt to obtain your client portal / registrar access login details, …

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Dec 02

Withdrawal of dotBEST .BEST gTLD of BestTLD Pty Ltd

We are withdrawing from sale the gTLD .BEST / dotBEST operated by BestTLD Pty Ltd ( a company registered in Australia ) for being spammers. BestTLD Pty Ltd, and their spamming representative Mike Deparini believe that sending out mass-automated spam emails to domain registrants and domain registrars is a form of ‘marketing’ of their #newGTLD …

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Jul 16

Domain name Certificates SCAM Starts Again

Public Service Announcement from ICANN … NEWS ALERT FRAUDULENT ICANN DOMAIN NAME CERTIFICATES 15 July 2014 It has been brought to ICANN’s attention that some online entities have attempted to sell fraudulent “certificates”, which they claim are required to protect generic top-level domain names. The perpetuators of this scam threaten registrants on the protection service …

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Jun 20

UKDNR Scammers target .uk domain registrants

A ressurgence of an age-old domain name sales scam has started again, with scammers UKDNR (calling themselves “Domain Name Registrar”) are telephoning .uk and .com registrants, with a high-pressure sales tactic based on the false claim that someone is attempting to register domain names similar to yours, then offering to register them ahead of this …

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Aug 13

Domain Name Scammers Strike Again – Now Called Loovar.Co.Uk

We’ve had a number of calls this week from clients regarding domain names and competitors “reserving” existing client domains in alternate extensions. The bunch behind the latest round of the age-old scam are Main Stream Tech who trade from : and many others. They’ll claim their address is 23 Castalia Square Docklands London E14 3NR …

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